All Travelers leaving the USA on a plane should have a valid passport to travel.

New Applicants or Renewals - visit for applications, fees, and instructions. 

Submit your passport to CCV Missions by sending a nice, readable, color scan to  Here's an example of  a Good Passport Copy.


CCV will not tell you which shots you need to get unless there is a specific vaccination REQUIRED for entry into the country you're going to.

The majority of vaccinations are options that you will elect yourself. We will not ask you for proof of vaccination unless it's a requirement for the trip. 

See what's recommended by talking with your doctor or visiting the Centers for Disease Control website


CCV Missions will book your flights for your mission trip.

You are expected to travel with the group to the mission trip and home from the mission trip. 

You will have less "control" over your flight preferences than you normally would like. Thank you for your willingness to release.